Meet The Founder & Hear Our Story


Jailah Brown, Founder & CEO of JaeBae Organix, developed a keen interest in skincare back in a highschool cosmetology program at Milford Mill Academy. "Doing hair was not my cup of tea, doing nails was way too hard for me and makeup... just was not a talent I posessed. However, when skincare became a topic of discussion it was cool to me." -The Head Glow-Getter.
Her interest in starting a skincare line sparked during her college years while attending a freshman seminar lecture. Wanting to build a brand that fit her personality, Jailah decided to take the organic route when creating her products. Which couldn't have started at better time because of how many brands offered chemical based products. Jailah wanted to create something that would promote healthier skin as well as benefit her customers. The journey to building her brand was not a lonely one though. With the help of friends & family, JaeBae Organix has become what it's grown into today.  

When realizing her service was need, Jailah immediately and continues to take the necessary steps to create meaningful change in the beauty industry. Check out our Vision, Mission and Core Values listed below to truly understand what meaningful change entails.


To provide our customers with the most reliable, effective and positively known skin care products across the nation.

To create sensational, natural care products that can be a service to all people.

Core Values
Naturality and Simplicity: JaeBae Organix promotes being organically you. There is nothing wrong with keeping your skincare regimen and your overall life simple & natural.  
Integrity: JaeBae Organix is dedicated to natural processes when developing our hand-crafted products. We invest holistically in organic ingredients, production and green distribution. 
Loyalty: Our employees take pride in continuously crafting natural products through simplistic processes for the benefit of our consumers and our environment.
Dedication to Others: JaeBae Organix displays true commitment to providing the most effective products in the market, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction by presenting opportunities for feedback.
Passion: Our intention is to create organic products not only for the health of our skin but for the health of our planet. Everyone at JaeBae Organix truly believes in the service we provide and the value it brings. It drives employees to do their best in their roles.